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Relocating Your Business to Jersey

29 January 2016

David heads up the Baker Tilly Channel Islands Tax practice from Jersey, having moved there from the UK in 2008. He has a broad experience in tax ranging from handling the corporation tax affairs of multi-national groups; structuring the personal tax affairs of high net worth individuals; and advising owner managed businesses. He has extensive experience in assisting individuals and/or their businesses with moving to Jersey, dealing with Jersey and Guernsey employment tax matters and property taxation in the UK, Jersey and Guernsey.

Article summary

Jersey seeks to encourage suitable high-value, low resource businesses to locate in Jersey. Before your business can operate in Jersey, however, you need to obtain approval from the Population Office by submitting a business licence application, together with a detailed business plan.

Once you have obtained approval, there are a number of other tax and operational matters you will need to consider to prepare for the move here.

This article provides an overview of the process involved in moving your business to Jersey and how we can assist you to ensure this process runs smoothly.

Take advantage of what Jersey has to offer

Jersey has a safe, stable environment with solid infrastructure. The availability of suitably qualified personnel, experienced administration and office support staff make Jersey an appealing choice for a business to operate.

Additionally, its close proximity to the UK, and central global location means Jersey is a suitable jurisdiction for business to relocate to or to use as a headquarters function for international business.

To operate an undertaking in Jersey, you need to obtain a business licence from Jersey’s Population Office. The application process can be straightforward, however; there are also pitfalls. We can guide you through this process to ensure a smooth path to obtaining the necessary approval to operate in Jersey.

How do I apply for a business licence in Jersey?

In brief, the process for submitting a business licence application in Jersey includes the following:

  • Completion of the formal business licence application form, which asks for details of ownership and the number of people your business is looking to employ;
  • Preparation of a detailed business plan;
  • For anyone moving over with the business, an associated residential licence application to ensure the person will be able to buy or rent appropriate property in Jersey.

Once submitted, an application will normally receive a response from the Population Office within two weeks.

Providing a business plan

The Population Office will expect to see the following details included within your business plan:

  • A detailed description of your existing business and that which you intend to set up in Jersey;
  • A detailed description of planned activities including social and economic benefits to the Island. In particular job creation for local persons in the short and long term is viewed very favourably by the authorities here;
  • The training programme for new staff members and on-going training and development opportunities for new and existing staff members in Jersey;
  • Details of the business’ Corporate and Social Responsibility policy;
  • A recent set of financial accounts for existing businesses;
  • Forecast monthly profit and loss and balance sheets for the next 3 years; and
  • Forecast cash flow statements for the next 3 years.

Are you considering moving to Jersey to work in the business?

We often find that owners wish to move to Jersey along with their business, or that the business will be looking to relocate at least one key staff member. Unless the person moving to Jersey meets the criteria for a high net worth individual, these individuals will normally be seeking to apply for “Licensed” status, as an essential employee.  This residential status will ensure they are able to rent or buy suitable accommodation in Jersey.

The business plan will need to support this application. Inclusion of a detailed job description and remuneration package for the role will be required. The job description should highlight the specialist nature of the role, as there needs to be a strong case that a person with the required skill-set cannot be obtained locally. A detailed CV for the proposed individual should be included outlining their experience and skills.

Your application has been successful. What happens next?

A successful application will mean you have received a licence to trade in Jersey and can now rent office space and employ persons up to the number applied for in the above application.

Some of the other matters you may also need to consider are:

  • How to register your new business with the local Taxes Office and Social Security Department;
  • How you intend to operate your Jersey payroll;
  • Whether you need to register for Jersey’s Goods and Services Tax (GST); and
  • If you need local assistance with your income tax, payroll and GST compliance requirements.

How we can help you

Baker Tilly Channel Islands has a proven track record of successful business licence applications. We can help you by guiding you through the application process. This might include completing the application form, assisting you with drafting your business plan, liaising with the local authorities regarding any additional requirements in relation to the application and ensuring you meet these.

There may be circumstances where an application is turned down initially. We can guide you through the process of appealing the decision by ensuring you are fully prepared for the Ministerial Hearing and attending this with you, if desired.

Once your application has been successful, we can also assist with registration of your business with the local authorities and with on-going compliance and filing requirements in relation to payroll, income tax and GST.

Next Steps

Why not contact us for a free high-level discussion to see whether this is something that would benefit you. Contact David: davido@bakertillyci.co.je  DL: +44 (0)1534 755 106

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