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Jersey and Guernsey are ideal jurisdictions for high net worth individuals, families and other private clients to use when structuring their affairs.

A general rate of tax of 0% for investment holding companies, no capital taxes, wealth taxes or death duties and a variety of flexible, discreet structures available combine to make the Channel Islands very beneficial for private clients.

You will also enjoy access to the Baker Tilly International global network which can provide specialist tax advice for you across a wide range of jurisdictions.  

You would like to:

  • Understand your tax position in one or more jurisdictions including your tax residence and domicile position;
  • Remove the burden of preparing your tax return and keeping on top of your tax compliance obligations;
  • Structure your estate in a tax-efficient manner;
  • Purchase an investment property and understand the likely tax implications;
  • Mitigate income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax for your current and future affairs;
  • Benefit from tax-efficient and discreet investment holding structures;
  • Discuss family business matters including retirement, succession planning and exit strategies;
  • Protect wealth for current and future generations.
  • How we can help you achieve your objectives:

    • We can satisfy all the above requirements and would be happy to meet you to discuss your specific needs;
    • Baker Tilly Channel Islands specialize in providing bespoke solutions for our clients’ specific circumstances.
    • Our senior management team has considerable experience in dealing with private client matters and you will have direct access to them as they will be involved throughout the engagement.
    • Baker Tilly International’s global network of firms is ideally placed to provide a joined up approach from a global service provider to enable you to fulfil your cross-border requirements.
    • We are always willing to answer questions and do not put our clients ‘on the clock’ if they have additional queries in respect of the existing engagement.

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