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Mauritius Budget 2018-2019 Main Measures

17 June 2018

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance presented the National Budget 2018 - 19 centred around economic growth. The key tax highlights which are in force now include:

Global Business Companies (GBC)

  • There are two types of GBCs. Firstly, a Company holding a category 1 business license is taxed at 15%. However, it is entitled to a deemed tax credit of 80% which reduces the tax to an effective rate of 3%. If the company has actual tax credit, this could reduce the tax liability to nil.
  • Secondly, a Company holding a category 2 business license is exempt from tax.


  • Freeport operators and developers which operate in the freeport sector are exempt from tax.

Tax Holidays

In addition to the new schemes presented in the budget, the Income Tax Act provides that Companies holding the following licenses are already entitled to tax holidays ranging from 5 to 8 years:

  1. Global Headquarters Administration;
  2. Global Treasury Activities;
  3. Overseas Family Office (Single);
  4. Overseas Family Office (Multiple);
  5. Investment Banking; and
  6. Global Legal Advisory Services

The licenses are issued by the Financial Services Commission subject to a number of conditions that should be satisfied.

Please click here to view a tax flash from Baker Tilly Mauritius that summarises the key tax highlights from The National Budget.


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